Vinyl Flooring Specialists!

With smooth finishes, vibrant colours and long lasting features, our vinyl flooring is the obvious choice for commercial and industrial applications.

We supply and install only the finest new vinyl flooring; our superb relationships with a large number of the UK’s leading flooring product manufacturers enables us to provide you with the highest quality vinyl flooring at very affordable prices.

Made from the finest materials, our vinyl flooring range is ideal for a multitude of purposes in a variety of locations, including office environments, night clubs and bars, restaurants, retail outlets and reception areas.

Incredible longevity

Hard wearing and resistant to high foot traffic and heavy usage, a well prepared and professionally laid vinyl floor will last for many years in any commercial or industrial working environment.

Fast and simple maintenance

Completely water resistant, vinyl flooring makes cleaning and maintenance incredibly easy. Spillages simply sit on top of the new vinyl installation and can be wiped up in an instant, making vinyl a very hygienic surface easily treated with cleaning agents.

Perfect surfaces

Eliminate tripping hazards and make it easy for any equipment or stock to be moved around with a perfectly smooth vinyl surface. All seams are hot welded to create a continuously smooth surface.

Comprehensive vinyl flooring installations

From securing new flooring for a store room or large-scale industrial unit, SJ Flooring provide expert installations to the highest standards of quality.

Your enquiries are welcomed whenever is convenient for you, so contact our expert fitters today. They will gladly discuss your designer flooring queries and requirements before arranging your absolutely FREE property survey and no obligation quotation.

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